REPORT 2016-2017

On the 1st September, 2016, the Literary Guild ‘Eloquence’ in association the student’s council, organized the following inter class events as a part of the Festival ‘Monsoon Fiesta’

  1. A poster Making Competition on the theme ‘Towards a Global Culture of Peace’
  2. A sketch making Competition on the theme ‘My Role model’.
  • An Essay writing Competition on the topic ‘India Since Independence’
  1. A Slogan coining Competition highlighting’ the importance of being literate’ (as a part of the International Literacy Day celebrations)

Prize Winners:

The following students won prizes in the competitions listed above.

 Essay writing Competition:

First Place: Ms.Sasha Rebello                                             (F.Y.B.A)

Second Place:Ms.Kuleep Mainath.                                      (T.Y.B.Com)

Third Place:Ms.Siddhi Govekar.                                         (S.Y.B.A)

Consolation:Ms. Simran Naik                                              (S.Y.BA)

 Poster Making Competition

First Place:Ms.Pratiksha VelipVelip.                                   (S.Y.B.A)

Second Place:Ms.Gautam Udekar.                                        (F.Y.B.A)

Sketch Drawing Competition

FirstPlace:Mr.SamayTalaulikar.                                          (S.Y.B.A),

Second Place:Melcia D’Silva.                                            (S.Y.B.A),

Third Place:Mr.Gautam Udekar                                         (F.Y.B.A)

Slogan Coining Competition

First Place: Ms.Vinita Velip                                             .(F.Y.B.A),

Second Place: Ms.Prateeksha Velip  (S.Y.B.A) and  Mr.Jeston Fernandes.(T.Y.B.Com)

Spelling Competition ‘Spell- a- Tonne’.

On 10th December, 2016, the department conducted an Interclass Spelling Competition ‘Spell- a- Tonne’.

Participants: 4 students from each class.Total:28 students.


Students participate in the spelling competition

Winners: Ms.Senika Fernandes,Mr.Milroy Dias,Mr.Ahmed Patel and Chrisy Fernandes.

Runner up: Mr.Suraj Velip,Gaurav Naik, Priyanka Gaonkar, and Rudraksh Gaonkar (FYBA(A).

Inter-Higher Secondary School Elocution Competition.

On 19th January, 2017, the Literary Guild ‘Eloquence’ conducted an All Goa Inter-Higher Secondary School Elocution competition.

Participants: 16 students from various Higher Secondary Schools in Goa.


Winners of the competition seen along with the Chief Guest, Ms.Akshata Puranik Bhat, Officiating Principal, Dr. Savita Nadkarni,  Assoc Prof Fatima Martins and Asstt. Prof Zakia Tahir.

The following students emerged winners:

First place:

Ms.Naik Plasha Prasad  (  Damodar Higher Secondary, Margao)

Second prize

Ms.Diana Vegas (Cuncolim United Higher Secondary School, Cuncolim )

Third place:

Ms. Saachi Paresh (Damodar Higher Secondary School, Gudi Paroda)

Ms.Akshata Puranik Bhat, a well known lawyer was present on the occasion as the chief guest.

Festival of Digital Stories

On 3rd March, the Department organized a DST Festival.  Digital Stories prepared by S.Y.B.Com Students of Business Communication were screened for viewing.

 XXVI State Level Inter-Collegiate Poets Meet (KAVI-SAMMELAN)

On 18th January, 2017, the Department in association with the other language departments, hosted the xxvi  Kavi Sammelan.

College Wallpaper ‘Monsoon Splash’

The college wallpaper ‘Monsoon Splash’ was prepared in collaboration with the language departments.



Chairman, Mr.Moducora B N Dessai inaugurates the Wall Paper ‘Monsoon Splash’

It was inaugurated on 10th August 2016, at the hands of the Chairman Mr.Moducora B N Dessai, and poems, essays and other feature articles penned by the student were displayed on the wall paper

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