Principal’s Message

Dr. Sanjay P. Sawant Dessai (PRINCIPAL)

The progress and achievement of an educational institution can be best assessed in terms of churning out responsible, cultured and well meaning citizens, who are well placed in the society. Over the years, the College has done consistently well not only in academics but in Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities. The College has the credit of organizing State Level and National Level Seminars. The College has an I.T. Centre, A Language Laboratory, and a well equipped Library. The N.S.S. unit of the College has been active since the inception of the College. In line with service before self, the motto of the N.S.S., our N.S.S. Unit has undertaken several projects in rural Areas. With the objective of creating awareness and infusing love for nature among the students, the College has set up “Vasundhara” a nature club. The Department of Physical Education and Sports of the College encourages the students to participate in various sports events hoisted by the College, University and other Institutions. The personality Development School of the College holds short-term certificate Courses and workshops to develop soft skills among the students. The College is planning to have MOU’s with the different Institutions for the benefit of students and the society at large. The Higher Education is more diversified with globalization and as such the focus of the college is to make our students globally competitive.